PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism

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Producers BAUSCH & LOMB
Brand Purevision
Lenses correction type Toric (astigmatic)
Frequency Monthly
Lenses per box 6


PureVision 2HD For Astigmatism silicone hydrogel contact lenses offer constant month, sharp vision in High Definition quality with exceptional comfort that allows extended wear of up to 30 days and nights.
PureVision 2 HD For Astigmatism reduce halos and glare in low light so you can see at any time sharply. The excellent stability on the eye and the wetting agent contained Poloxamine ensure a long-lasting and comfortable. The rounded edge design this thin toric monthly contact lens also ensures a smooth interaction between the contact lens and eyelid.
Key Features & Benefits
High Definition Optics reduces halos and glare and delivers crisp sharp vision even in low light conditions
Excellent stabilization of the toric contact lens month on your eyes for a permanently sharp vision
Comfort Moist technology enables outstanding comfort on insertion and comfortable wear for up to 30 days and nights
Very high oxygen permeability for clear, healthy eyes
Thin lens design and very easy handling
PureVision 2 HD For Astigmatism monthly contact lenses provide a viewing experience in HD quality: Reduce the only toric monthly contact lens on the market, the natural spherical aberration of the eye and the contact lens, so that you can see engraved even in low light conditions sharply