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Focus® DAILIES® All Day Comfort. Debut a look every day
With Focus® DAILIES® All Day Comfort contact lenses will have fresh and clean every day.
Ideal for those seeking convenience and want to use lenses occasionally.
When fresh, clean every day, with activation function for providing a heartbeat that the hydration needs his eye.
Forget the maintenance! The range of disposable contact lenses Focus® DAILIES® are recommended for those who want to enjoy the convenience and freshness of a new look every day without having complications with cleaning.
The Focus® DAILIES® range AquaComfort contains a wetting agent that is gradually released during the day time to blink, hydrating the eye and causing the experience of using a lens is comfortable and practical. In addition, daily use lens reduces the possibility of the accumulation of deposits.
Great added value.
Clear and sharp vision.
Comfort that lasts all day.
Exclusive hydration activated by blinking.
A new pair every day.
No cleaning or disinfection.
No accumulation of deposits.
Dynamic lifestyles.
Extra convenience.
Important information about contact lenses Focus® DAILIES® All Day Comfort (Nelfilcon A):
Contact lenses Focus® DAILIES® All Day Comfort are medical devices for myopia and hyperopia. To use and daily replacement as determined by an expert vision.
Can appear side effects like discomfort, mild burning or stinging. There are other factors that can influence eye health. For more information on the use, care, and advice on the product check with your specialist or your dealer.